Who are the Koch Brothers?

  • Charles and David Koch are wealthy industrialists from Wichita, Kansas and owners of Koch Industries, Inc.
  • Koch Industries is the second largest company in the U.S.
  • Suffolk University has received more than $700,000 from Charles and David Koch in the past few years more money than they donated to all other schools in New England combined in a similar period.
  • To protect their profits and weaken political and legislative initiatives that may cost their industries money, the Koch brothers support, through several philanthropic foundations, a network of “front groups” and think tanks to drive their agenda.
  • Many of these think tanks are a part of an organization called the State Policy Network (SPN). The State Policy Network calls itself “a professional service organization” for the “state-based free market think tank movement” with affiliates in 37 states.
  • The Koch Brothers support the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which delivers pro-business legislation to state legislatures through member state legislators, without the fingerprints of the industries behind such measures.
  • The Koch brothers fund Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a network of state-based organizations that galvanizes support for these policies through their activists across the country.




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