What is the Beacon Hill Institute?

  • The Beacon Hill Institute (BHI) is housed within the Economics department at Suffolk University.
  • Several BHI staff members are also advisers and professors for the Economics department.
  • Some of the staff at BHI also have close affiliations to the Kochs, including the Executive Director David Tuerck, who was previously employed by the Koch-backed American Enterprise Institute.
  • BHI is a member of the State Policy Network (SPN), which is largely funded by the Koch brothers and was created to develop a network of smaller, state-level versions of the Heritage Foundation. The think tanks created by SPN, such as BHI, promote policies on a state level that benefit the bottom-line of Koch businesses.
  • Each year, BHI releases and publicizes a significant amount of inaccurate research for a variety of corporate clients working to undermine state policies on energy and other issues throughout the country.
  • Having a political bias is one thing. In the case of BHI, however, the problem is that BHI’s research methodology is flawed. Their studies selectively choose outlier data to support their arguments and ignore inconvenient data
  • A recent study by the National Resource Defense Council documents BHI’s anti-renewable energy bias.
  • Through the Beacon Hill Institute, and thus via Suffolk University, the Koch brothers are buying bad policy analysis that works to protect their industrial interests.




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