Suffolk Journal on the Koch Free Zone

Today the Suffolk Journal ran a front page article on this campaign: Suffolk Journal, BHI defends funding despite Suffolk alum’s petition: No Koch money

The Koch brothers are exerting their influence on campus through the Beacon Hill Institute (BHI). This institute is diminishing the reputation and credibility of Suffolk University for current and past students. Read the article here. Share this story with your friends, family, and classmates, learn more and join the campaign to restore academic integrity to Suffolk University.


About kochfreezone

The Koch Brothers, two industrialists from Wichita, Kansas and owners of Koch Industries, contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintaining a network of “front groups” around the country that export bad analysis to influence policy and legislation that directly affects their business and profit margins. This type of influence hits close to home: the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University has connections to the Koch Brothers, and Suffolk University has received over $700,000 in recent years from the Kochs and their connected foundations. Our students and our university deserve better. Please sign the petition today and share it with your friends:
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